Monday, November 16, 2009

Laura The Brow Queen

Ok ladies......we've all read it many, many times in countless magazines: The eyebrows accent the eyes and frame the face. But what if your eyebrows have been overplucked or incorrectly shaped, or you've never had your eyebrows done before? Answer: Laura the Brow Queen!!! Let me just tell you.....this wonderful lady knows her brows. She doesn't just wax your brows. She takes the time to study your facial features and educates you on what she's going to do and what YOU need to do (or not do in most instances). It had been years and years since I had my eyebrows done professionally. Laura worked her magic on me and put me on "eyebrow rehab". Translation: Don't touch your eyebrows! Do you know how hard that is to NOT groom and pluck your brows for a whole month? But I have followed her rules and it's paying off. Laura is absolutely amazing.

So lesson learned here: Go buy yourself a "brow makeover." Your brows will thank you!

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